How to be a legit cheater in shooter games

How to be a legit cheater in shooter games


The question you have to ask is not how to be a legit cheat, but how to be an evasive cheater. The cheating community has always been under-appreciated. It still gets the hate no matter what. People will never understand the joy of cheating like we do, the cheaters. I am talking about in the game, of course. I suggest you don't cheat elsewhere in life. That's the best advice anyone can give to you. Be honest with everything else, but gaming.


Cheating is not always about having an unfair advantage. People do not understand the reason why other people cheat. The real logical answer to why people cheat is because of the difference. Not everyone is capable of producing the results they want even though they have exerted so much effort. Not everyone has the tools and money to buy equipment. Not everyone has friends who help them play better. People are not created equal. If you do not know anything, I suggest you just keep your mouth in its place. The advantage is the reason why we cheat.


First Step

The first thing you have to do to be a successful cheater is managing what other people say. You have to ask yourself, "Do I have friends who will accept me, despite me being a cheater?" Later on, you will understand this when they find out that you are a cheater. You might not like the feeling of being bullied. That's the burden you have to take, and you really have to be prepared for that kind of treatment. You may have to accept the consequences later on. It may cost you more money to hide everything.

Second Step

The second one is choosing the right cheat provider for you. This is very crucial as this is the most important thing. Some websites will try to scam you of your money. You may end up having to pay hundreds of dollars over nothing. Some providers can offer you both the private and public versions of their cheats. The private version of a cheat is the most expensive one, and you will only have the sole ownership of that cheat build. The public version of a cheat is the less expensive option. You will have other people sharing the cheat bringing the cost down. The public version is less secure as you need to rely on the people who are using it. If one submits the build to an anti-cheat provider, everyone using that build will get banned. Staying away from detection may cost you more money. You may be asking about which version is the best for me. If you have a reasonable budget, you can invest in a private cheat. If you have less, you will have to look for a well-known provider.

Third Step

The next thing you need to learn is how to use the cheat properly. It is a requirement to understand everything minus the programming part. You have to learn how to configure it on your own. Some people will just right out complain that they got banned as soon as they started playing. It's a shame to get banned for only not following instructions. Mind you, not all programs are the same. Take your time to read all the instructions first. This will give you the knowledge and help the customer support a more relaxed time assisting you.

Most of the cheats of a shooter game have both aimbot and extrasensory perception (ESP) features. The aimbot is responsible for mimicking the human movements as if it controlled the shooting for you like the recoil and aiming. The ESP gives you a real-time idea of where your opponents, teammates, and items. As mentioned earlier, you will need an understanding of how to set up the cheat.

To get the best aimbot results, it has to be as natural as possible. Take note that different games have different weapon behaviors. To do this, you can check out gameplay videos of professional players. Some websites show weapon behaviors. You can check them as well. Alternatively, you can then test it on your own inside the game. Start your game in a target practice mode if it has one. Start firing your weapon in a wall without countering the recoil. Simply just press the fire button. You will now see the bullet patterns appearing in the wall. You have to take note of the vertical and lateral pattern.

Ask yourself a question, "does countering the recoil 100% means it is humanly?" The answer is no. No matter how much you train, the recoil pattern can never be 100% on point. The vertical pattern is more comfortable to control as it only needs the downward motion of your input. The lateral pattern can be a little bit tricky and random. That is the one you should have the most assistance with. You need to configure your cheat to just control that lateral pattern and a little bit of the vertical pattern. You can not set up the cheat 100% as most anti-cheat will know that a robot or computer is assisting you with your aim. You will have to leave out the rest to you.

Cheating Terms

Other basic terms that you have to know are the field of view, the bones, and the smoothness. The field of view is a unit of measurement depending on the cheat provider on how far from the character model, the aim-bot will start to function. It looks like an outline of the character model. The second one is the bones. The bones are simply the intended location of where the aimbot will aim. The third term is the smoothness. The smoothness is responsible for how fast will the aimbot reacts from the surrounding point of the field of view unit to the bone.

To summarize the three terms. You have to make the aimbot not locky, as in being snappy like a magnet. Setup the aimbot that it will not immediately lock into the bone by increasing the smoothness. Do not set it up too slow as it will be less powerful. The key is to make sure that it looks as human as possible, like how the professional players do it. You should avoid placing the head as your primary bone. Place it a little bit bellow the head if you are new to cheating. This will lower your headshot percentage. A high headshot percentage can be a red flag.

Now that you have understood how to set up the aimbot part. You will now have to know how to use it in the game. During actual gameplay, a good indication of a good player vs. a new player is the crosshair placement. This means that you have to always place your crosshair at head level of the opponent. Your movements should be synchronized and not clunky. You have to move quick, careful, and always ready to aim. You also have to know how the game works inside and out.

Moving on with the next and final term is the ESP. The ESP is a cheat overlay function that shows the labels of the game environment. This can be the player location, armor, weapons, status, and more. If you are going for legit cheating, it is strongly suggested to turn off the ESP. Not because your cheat can not be detected by the anti-cheat means you are safe beside the anti-cheat system that a game is using. A manual or human check will also be conducted. You have to turn it off because, unlike the aimbot, esp is very susceptible to human error. It is highly likely that it will alter your gameplay. You will get tempted to use that advantage. Again, if you are new to cheating, I highly suggest you do not use ESP. Game administrators are very experienced that it can easily spot a cheater.

If you still want to use ESP, that is fine. Maybe you are as careful as you can be. The key to being a succesful cheater with ESP is you know how to act. Acting that you don't see the ESP. This requires a brilliant way of approach. You have to check map corners properly as if you are being careful that your opponent can be hiding there. Your crosshair placement should not follow the player models behind the wall if you are using ESP for your opponents. As with any cheat feature, you should not abuse it. Your teammates and opponents can get suspicious real fast when you have a higher kill output than them. They will always assume that you cheat. You have to counter that mindset and make them think that you are legit. Game chat can only do so much. It is easy to say that you are cheating, but your actions may show otherwise.

If you get caught in a situation where you made a mistake in becoming legit, don't panic. Always think that whatever you have done is already done. Pretend that nothing happened. Continue with your game and enjoy it. You have to manage the outcome by assuming that those mistakes can still be proved that it can be replicated by a human. You have to learn from those mistakes and never do it again.

These are only the basic terms that you have to understand. You may have to refer to the cheat manual of your provider. You can record your gameplay and review it. Compare it with other players to see if it is as natural as it can get—study both the game and yourself. The final question is, "Am I deserving of the power that has been bestowed upon me?"

Final Note

It is also essential to ensure that you are always up to date and with constant communication with your provider. Check the website or forum daily to see the detection status. This is crucial, especially if you have automatic updates enabled in your game system. Some cheat version may not be compatible with the current game update. There could be security compromises. Always keep in mind that not just because you have bought the cheat means that you will not do anything more. You still have to be careful. Never let your guard down and be complacent. Do not trust the provider 100% and offer them feedbacks if you may. An overwhelming relationship with the provider and the customer is always the best course in avoiding detection. If your provider does not accept criticism and feedback, it is time to look for another.

Cheating can be complicated. Once you have to gain more experience in cheating, you will find it more comfortable. Remember, all your actions will always have consequences. Be prepared to replace your game account, hardware device, possibly your whole computer depending on the game, IP address, and friends. As hard as it can be, not everyone will support you fully with your decisions to cheat. A real friend may or may not encourage you. At the end of the day, you will always have to look at yourself. No one, but yourself can help you. Choose your cheat provider wisely.

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